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Can you add a tile I found or made?

Tiles must be of a high enough quality.

A requirement is that the tile - or image we can turn into a tile - is available online, for example on Also, it must have a Creative Commons license. Either "CC0" or "CC BY" or "CC BY-SA" (or a combination).

The tile should also fit with the game's pixelated aesthetic and existing tiles, as determined by us.

To suggest a tile, either privately contact us or publicly post a link on the game suggestions forum board.

If a tile is added, in addition to our gratitude, its author will receive credit on the CC content page.

tile types
As illustrated above, the game uses 5 distinct tile types. Each has a background and a foreground layer. It's easiest to get an ambience/aesthetic tile added to the game, particularly if the tile is a style variation of an existing group. For example, greenery on a grass tile, for the "Rocks, plants and bushes." group.

Will you add more cosmetics?

That is our intention. Cosmetics provide our only revenue source, so we benefit from players being able to find cosmetics they personally like. Every player has their own taste. Additionally, it might bring more variation of smileys in-game.

Certain players may want to own all current and future cosmetics. We do not want that to be prohibitively expensive. Therefore, players can get all current and future cosmetics by paying € 30. This also applies if, over time, 6 separate purchases of cosmetics have been made that total € 30. In other words, there is no reason to already make a one-time payment of € 30. Unless you, for example, want to show your confidence and appreciation of our work through financial support.

How to report something inappropriate/abusive?

If a player does not abide by the Terms of service, for example breaks the community rules, please notify us. We do not accept misconduct, illegality, etc. Here is how to report what.
  • Forum post: use that post's report flag (report flag).
  • World: open its Players list, and use the report flag (report flag).
  • Chat: use that chat's "Report" link.
  • Anything else: check the Contact page.
Thank you for helping us establish a welcoming environment for all players.