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This game is free-to-play and ad-free.
Cosmetics provide the only revenue source for us, the game's developers.
The income is used to fund hosting, traffic, art commissions, and software development.
The cosmetics are smiley skin sets and edit mode auras.
They offer no competitive advantage.
We immensely appreciate your financial support!

Smiley skin sets

s1 Set "s1" (There is currently no set "s2".) s3 Set "s3"
s4 Set "s4"

Edit mode auras

smiley a1 Aura "a1"
smiley a2 Aura "a2"


Each smiley skin set (with 10 smileys) is: € 5
Each edit mode aura is: € 5

If you buy anything, you also permanently get the
This player financially supported the game!
text on your player page.

For now, payments can only be made through PayPal.
In the description of your payment, include:
1. your nick (username), and
2. the cosmetics you want.

You will receive purchased cosmetics within two business days after the payment is completed. The complete terms of sale are included in the Terms of service.